A question frequently asked is how would a Scottie ever find itself in need of rescue? The answer varies as it 

happens for a variety of reasons: owner illness or death, job relocation, economic hardship, divorce and in some really troubling situations, owner apathy and carelessness.

Scotties entering the Rescue Program come from Colorado Front Range shelters and humane societies and from private owners who for any variety of reasons, can no longer keep their Scotties.  While the Program predominately serves the Colorado Front Range, on occasion, assistance requests for Scotties have arisen and been responded to in more distant locations such as Wyoming, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota and Arizona.  Recognizing early on the importance of establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with shelter and humane societies, extensive effort has been devoted over the years by Rescue Committee members to building positive working relationships with the personnel in these facilities. Rescue Committee members strive to always conduct themselves in a professional, courteous manner and respond promptly whenever a Scottie in need is identified, regardless of age or physical condition.

Program Accomplishments and Growth

-- Since 1985, nearly 600 Scottish Terriers have been rescued, assisted, placed in or referred to carefully screened, committed, forever homes. Post adoption follow-up contacts are always conducted to determine how the Scottie is adjusting to its new home.

-- All Scotties entering the Rescue Program receive full medical checkups from a licensed veterinarian, are always spayed or neutered and vaccinations updated as required. In those cases where more extensive veterinary care is indicated, the Scotties receive whatever care is deemed necessary for treatable conditions. All Scotties are microchipped and groomed prior to placement.

-- Extensive effort is devoted during the foster care period to evaluating the history, temperament, behavior and personality of each Scottie. Careful attention is devoted to matching the individual Scottie to the best possible adoption home. 

-- Adoption applicants must complete an ADOPTION APPLICATION & CONTRACT. Important information is gathered about family composition, housing and yard arrangements and knowledge and involvement with the breed.  Veterinary and personal references are requested and checked. All adoption applicants undergo a preliminary home site visit before any Scottie is placed. Adopters are also required to complete a release of liability and indemnification at the time of placement,

-- Owners surrendering their Scotties to the Program for subsequent placement must complete a 3-page surrender and release of liability at the time of surrender. Important information about the Scottie’s history, health, temperament, behavior and training is obtained.

--To the maximum extent possible, the Program strives to operate on a break-even financial basis. Scotties are never sold, but an adoption fee is requested of the new owners to help defray some of the costs of rescuing, fostering, and readying the Scottie for placement.

-- A growing aspect of the Rescue Program involves providing information and assistance to Scottie owners or those contemplating adding a Scottie to the home. Inquiries are received from Scottie owners who are experiencing challenges and difficulties with their Scotties such as issues related to behavior, socialization or house hygiene. Often, they are referred to the Rescue Program for assistance. Rescue Committee members devote significant amounts of time assisting these individuals by offering useful advice and approaches to the problem. Sometimes, the problem may warrant referral to a knowledgeable trainer in the area. In other instances, ideas and suggestions are offered that the owner can employ in addressing the challenges and issues with their Scottie. In still other instances, individuals contact the Rescue Program seeking information about the availability of a Scottie puppy. In some cases the individuals are unfamiliar with the Scottish Terrier and know little about its character, personality or temperament.  They may be attracted to the breed for simple reasons such as their appearance or because a friend or acquaintance has a Scottie.  Rescue Committee members spend time covering the history, temperament and behavior of the breed, offering helpful information regarding what things to look for and questions to ask when considering purchasing a puppy. We also provide meaningful information about puppy mills, pet shops, backyard breeders, as well as reputable breeders.

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